Introducing The 24

Who are The 24? You already know each Lady Crew shirt is named after a human-trafficking survivor, but what about the names we don’t know? Right now, millions around the world are enslaved, trapped in a nightmare of abuse and sexual exploitation...and we don’t know their names yet.

The 24 are girls and young women. We know they’re out there, but we haven’t met. Right now, they’re waiting in Belize and they will be freed.

Our next partner organization is AIM Belize, founded by A.T. and Crystal Holder. They’re headed to Belize very soon to set up a residential aftercare facility that will offer refuge, restoration and hope to their first clients, The 24.

We’re committed to funding this mission, to helping these girls find freedom. We don’t know them yet, but we will and we’re already preparing for their arrival. Soon we’ll be announcing exciting new products and apparel to fund the life-changing journey of The 24 and, as always, every dollar of your purchase will go directly to the cause.

We’re excited for this new opportunity. We can’t wait…and neither can they.

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