Meet Our Partners: Wipe Every Tear

Lady Crew works with incredible partners across the globe, each one dedicated to freedom and justice for the enslaved and oppressed. We’re highlighting them here on our blog so you can shop with confidence knowing 100% of your shirt purchase goes directly to fighters on front lines of human trafficking.

Wipe Every Tear’s work starts on the ground in the bars of Angeles City. They offer women they meet safe pathways out of the sex trade and into brighter, hope-filled futures. Those who accept are immediately given refuge and enrolled in school. They’ll also receive all their meals, a weekly allowance, medical care, counseling and even sponsorship for children they may have.

In the Philippines, it’s hard to find a good job without a degree or vocational training. Educational opportunities funded through Wipe Every Tear break the cycle of poverty that often leads to a life of bondage. It’s a holistic approach that truly changes lives.

Visit our store and read the stories of Janet and Stella, two of the incredible women who found a new way through the work of this incredible organization. When you purchase those shirts, every penny goes straight to Wipe Every Tear, funding their ongoing mission of hope and freedom.

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