Meet Our Partners: Rest Stop Ministries

Here at Lady Crew, we’re honored to partner with five incredible organizations on the front lines of the fight against human trafficking. We’d like you to meet them, see what they do and get a sense of who you’re supporting when we send them every penny of your shirt purchase.

Rest Stop Ministries, based in Nashville, Tennessee, provides long-term residential treatment for survivors of sex trafficking. It’s a sprawling rural residence surrounded by an orchard, garden and peaceful countryside where residents can find rest and experience community. It’s a safe, quiet place to do the hard work of healing and restoration while forging a new, hope-filled life. 

Their faith-based, holistic approach looks like morning meditation and daily devotions, healthy meals, yoga and gardening. Individual therapy and case management connects residents with everything from medical care to vocational training, treatment programs to parenting resources while the group setting nurtures bonds of sisterhood–a sense of belonging, community and support.

As their Founder and Executive Director Dr. Rondy Smith says, these women are “rebuilding a life from the ground up” and we think there’s no better place to do it than Rest Stop Ministries. We’re so thankful for the work they do and we’re overjoyed to connect you with their important mission.

Check out the Desha, Hallie, Hope, Liz, Sissy, Nikki, Jasmine and Julie shirts, named for women who went through Rest Stop’s program. 100% of those apparel sales are donated right back to the organization that played such a significant part in their life-changing transformations.

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