Meet Our Partners: A21

Our mission at Lady Crew is to fund those who fight human trafficking around the world. We’re introducing each of our partner organizations to give you a better sense of who you’re supporting when we donate 100% of your purchase.

A21 works in 17 locations in countries around the world on a multi-pronged approach to accomplish their mission: abolish slavery everywhere forever. Their powerful anti-trafficking campaigns equip everyday people to spot telltale signs of trafficking. They fund national hotlines for reporting and create curriculum to warn youth about the dangers and tactics of traffickers. 

On the legal front, they train law enforcement and justice system professionals and their child advocacy centers encourage and assist in the prosecution of human traffickers.

Restoration is also a priority. A21’s freedom centers offer comprehensive aftercare for survivors of the sex trade. Victims find individualized care including access to housing, medical treatment, counseling, education and employment. If they’ve been taken from their home countries, A21 repatriates them through their SAFE program. The end result: hope and freedom.

Every dollar in sales from The Cassandra, Eve, Jane, Kya and Sela go directly to A21 and supports what they do. Read these survivors’ stories, fund the fight and help shine light wherever there’s darkness.

-Lady Crew

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