Osa Vinya Bags


These beautiful Osa Vinya bags are hand-woven by local Kamba women in Tawa, Western Kenya.  Each bag is made from drought-resistant sisal grass and other repurposed materials. 

  • Hand-crafted in the rural farming community of Tawa, Western Kenya
  • Each bag is uniquely made from recycled, local materials. 
  • Osa Vinya /oh-sah-vin-yah/, verb: Kikamba phrase meaning have courage.
  • Please note that these products are hand-woven from readily available materials, so no two bags will the same. 



Color :
Medium size, Style 1
Large size, Style 2
Large size, Style 3
Small size, Style 4
Large size, Style 5
Large size, Style 6
Extra Large size, Style 7
Medium size, Style 8
Medium size, Style 9
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